Although there has long been concern about exposure to pathogens in public spaces, the detection of viruses and bacteria on surfaces and shared air has been largely confined to the food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries due to the expense and labor required for such testing. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increasing public demand for proof that various locations (including schools, restaurants, and public transportation) are pathogen-free. The inability to judge whether a particular location is sufficiently “clean” has eroded the public’s confidence, and the constantly shifting guidelines have led to widespread mistrust of the information being provided by those in leadership positions about the risk of pathogen spread.

The goal of Agile Biodetection is to provide testing processes and products that are low cost, fast, and accurate for the detection of pathogens on surfaces, in the air, and in individuals. When a pathogen is detected, proper protocols can be followed to reduce its spread. Additionally, routine testing will help demonstrate that specific pathogens are not present in the environment shows cleaning protocols are being followed, helping to rebuild consumer and visitor confidence in businesses, schools, and transit systems.

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In October of 2020, we started to build-out our lab space in Birmingham, Alabama. The build-out of our lab was completed at the end of Nov of 2020. In Dec 2020 we obtained our CLIA certification. In Jan 2021 we started testing in our lab and the first validation steps in with our device.

We are excited to announce that starting Feb 1, 2021, we will start processing Covid environmental samples in our lab. Because we are leveraging several technologies to our advantage, our environmental testing prices are half that of most environmental testing labs. Please reach out to Leverett Powell ( for more information.

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