Although there are a variety of processes already available to diagnose COVID-19, and hundreds more are currently under development to make the diagnosis faster and easier, there is still an unmet need with regard to testing for COVID-19. That is the ability to confirm whether locations (not just people) are free of pathogens. 

We have all observed the closure of some of our favorite local businesses after an employee tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19. These businesses suffer not only during the period of closure, but also during the aftermath while they’re trying to regain their customer base due to fears of persistent contamination. There needs to be a way to confirm that a business or other public area is clean following closure. 

So the question arises: could there be a way to test the surfaces and touchpoints within high-traffic areas to show that they are not actively spreading the virus? Can the cost be kept low enough that businesses, schools and public transportation can regularly screen high-traffic surfaces?  After performing extensive research, we have found several promising biotechnology processes that might provide a suitable option. 

That is where Agile Biodetection comes in. The goal of our products & processes is to help reduce the spread of viruses while rebuilding everyone’s confidence in their daily surroundings.

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In October of 2020, we started to build out our lab space in Birmingham, Alabama. As our lab comes online at the end of the month, we will be sharing several announcements regarding our leadership team, processes, technologies, partnerships, and products. We hope that you come back soon to learn how we can ensure high use surface areas are free of pathogens.

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